Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia is a very easy infection to treat as it responds very well to certain types of antibiotics. The antibiotic of choice these days is Azithromycin as it is a one day course so there is a lesser patient compliance issue than with Doxycycline, which is equally effective but needs to be taken twice a day for 7 days.

It is now very easy to get treatment for Chlamydia online after a positive test result. Many people are now purchasing sexual health tests online but not all websites that offer such services include treatment. We recommend using The STI Clinic as they offer treatment as part of the package if a patient tests positive.

If you have tested positive for Chlamydia but you do not have access to treatment then The Online Clinic will be able to assist you. You can get chlamydia treatment online from them after completing a health declaration form on their website. The process is very simple and the treatment will arrive the next day if you order it before 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.

So long as you take the chlamydia treatment exactly as directed by the prescribing doctor you should not need to get tested again unless you have symptoms that do not disappear. Given the high success rate of the antibiotics prescribed, retesting is not considered essential.

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